Road Rage: Does it drive you mad?

Road rage is mostly associated with using foul language and rude hand gestures towards other motorists or pedestrians. Some incidents have caused large amounts of damage, injury and in some extreme cases, death. Specialists The Motoring Lawyers and Solicitors at M23Law have represented many motorists throughout the country in cases involving ‘road...

Consider the Driving and Victim Impact?

The family of 17-year-old Miriam Parker have vowed to campaign for a change in the law to bridge what they feel is a gap between the offence of careless driving and the more serious offence of dangerous driving. It is said that charge of careless driving does not currently take into account the severity of the victim’s injuries. Miriam was left...

Jailed Texter Two Phones

Motoring Law Solicitors Blog Texting whilst driving is becoming increasingly prevalent as drivers see it as less hazardous than talking on the phone at the wheel. In fact, the opposite is true as both eyes and attention are diverted from the road, a clear contravention of the law under the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) (No. 4)...

Motoring Solicitors and Lawyers Crawley - 20mph Spokesperson

The Commons Transport Select Committee has produced a report calling for more 20mph speed limits in high risk areas, to address cycling safety and ease the tensions between motorists and cyclists. The report also urges the Government to increase the current cycling budget from £2 a head to £10 a head by 2020 to make it easier and cheaper for...

Motoring Solicitors blog – ‘999 call before death’

999 call before death of pedestrians in Norfolk Two Lithuanian pedestrians are believed to have asked a nearby farm worker to call 999 shortly before their deaths in traffic on the A47 in Norfolk. It is believed that the woman may have been forcibly pushed into the road and the police are treating the two deaths as suspicious. We are nationwide...

Driving whilst using mobile phone ignorance

Mobile Phone Use Ignorance A survey of 1,526 British motorists by the motoring group RAC suggests that: 20% of drivers are unaware that checking social media on their mobile devices while driving is illegal. 61% wrongly believed it was legal to text whilst at the wheel of a stationary car while the engine is on. 31% of drivers did not know...


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