Porn watching lorry driver causes death by dangerous driving

Ian Glover was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by Shrewsbury Crown Court for Dangerous driving. He was concentrating on mobile porn and not on the A5 near Telford. He ploughed into a broken down stationary car on the hard shoulder. The lorry driver had been viewing pornography on two sites for several miles, while driving at 56 miles an hour...

Stiff Penalty?

The widow of a man who died in 2007 has been given a 6 month jail term after pretending her husband was still alive and had been at the wheel of their car in 2008! She would have been sent a Section 172 Notice as to who the driver was on the two speeding occasions and she claimed it was down to her hubby. She pleaded guilty to Perverting the...

Graduate Driving Licencing Scheme

Well here’s to you Mrs. Robinson? Well, perhaps The Graduate (Dustin Hoffman) might not have been able to drive to his assignation with an older woman. Why? Well increasingly across the planet, countries are making newly qualified young drivers go on to a Graduated Drivers Licensing Scheme by way of a probationary period following the passing of a...

Police need more training re LGV (HGV) drivers tacograph

Suffolk police officers are to get more training to read HGV tacographs after figures showed a drop in lorry drivers being fined for not taking breaks. In 2011, 316 truckers were given fixed penalty notices, but this dropped to 28 in 2012 and four in 2013. Our unique specialist motoring law team, M23Law, regularly get asked to represent lorry...

Smile, you’re on Car Cam!

Many motorists are now installing in-car cameras in order to have evidence of bad driving or poor cycling. Cyclist helmet cams have been around for years and cyclists have uploaded footage onto the internet. One case was where a driver assaulted a cyclist after a spat about the driver entering the cyclist box carriageway marking. Police have used...

Speed Crackdown in Belgium

Apparently, more than 50,000 people sent in their suggestions of locations for the speed crackdown in Belgium. "Whoever still allows themselves to be flashed is a fool," the newspaper De Standaard quotes a police officer as saying. Apparently, 300 people die in Belgium every year because of speeding. Road accidents in the EU kill nearly 30,000...


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