Racist and Discriminatory Police

Are the police still institutionally racist?
Are the police still institutionally racist? The 1999 Macpherson Report into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence branded the Met ‘institutionally racist.’ PC Carol Howard is claiming direct discrimination against the Met on grounds of race and/or sex and/or marital status, also harassment and victimisation while pursuing her career as an...

Kids Driving Parents Round The Bend, leads to Driving Offences

Distraction Driving Offences
We understand that the top ten ways of children distracting a parent at the wheel are: 1. Arguing with siblings 2. Music 3. Seat belt unfastening 4. Moving out of seats 5. Food and drink spillages 6. Trying to open car doors 7. Car sickness 8. Playing Games 9. Leaning out of windows 10. Throwing articles Please bear in mind that we have defended...

National Speed Awareness Course

Course given by courts to motorists found guilty of driving offences.
Apparently speed awareness courses in the UK have risen from 447,724 in 2010 to 953,428 in the last year. Motorists have been choosing to pay for a course rather than have penalty points endorsed on their licence. The courses are supposed to encourage motorists to drive slower but they don’t get the option if they commit a new offence within three...

Four Car Drink Drive Collision

Drink Driving Offence
James Berryman (21) was charged with drink driving , dangerous driving , using a vehicle without insurance , driving without a licence, failing to stop for police, aggravated vehicle taking and damaging property. This was after he allegedly crashed into a marked police car in Castle Meadows and hit three other vehicles on Prince of Wales Road in a...

Sting in the Tailgate - Criminal damage?

Sting in the Tailgate - Criminal damage?
Drivers had to hit their brakes after the spikes dropped on the A30 near Launceston, Cornwall. No one was injured. A Devon and Cornwall Spokesperson quoted; "A police unit attended the scene to assist with traffic management. While placing emergency signage at the scene, the stinger device fell from the boot of a police vehicle. "The device was...

Bikers and Speeding Offences

Speeding penalty points for bikers
Statistics reckon that over fifty per cent of motorcycles were driven above the speed limit on roads in Great Britain. The highest speed offence that we have defended was 164mph and our grateful client thanked us for keeping the penalty to a minimum. Our biker friendly specialist team of motoring lawyers ‘ M23LAW ’ are vastly experienced in the...


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