Newly Qualified Drivers. receive Driving Ban for 6 penalty points or more

Newly Qualified Drivers. receive Driving Ban for 6 penalty points or more
We have represented various young clients who faced the revocation of their licence under the Newly Qualified Driver provisions. Where a driver accrues 6 or more penalty points for offences committed within the first 2 years of holding a full licence, they face revocation. Painful revocation results in the driver having to retake their test -...

Driving ban?

Driving disqualification
Getting banned ( Disqualification from driving ) can have a huge impact on your life and may even cost you your job. There is also the possible collateral damage caused to your family and your reputation generally. A ban is often mandatory but in some cases it is up to the discretion of the court. This is where we come in and we have proved to be...

'Death or Injury - Defective Lorries and Driving Licence Offences.'

HGV drivers face £200 fines.
Our Motoring Law experts often consulted by drivers of LGVs (HGVs) who have been accused by the authorities and are facing prosecution for driving lorries that are defective and not fit to be on the road and could cause injury or death. They have discovered that 2/3rds of lorries stopped by the police are being driven illegally or are defective in...

Sussex Police Name Names of Drink Drivers

Sussex Drink Driving Campaign
The Sussex Police Force have named guilty defendants and suspects of driving with excess alcohol . The Police are now releasing the names, court date and details of all accused of drink driving offences. The new policy is to attempt to stop drivers getting behind the wheel whilst over the limit of alcohol or drugs. More than 170 people may be...

Driving Offence Penalty Fines For Expired Photo Licence

Drivers may be given hefty fines of up to £1,000 if they do not renew their photo-card licence. Photo-card licences were put in place 15 years ago and over 30 million drivers now have one. These are usually valid for 10 years and there is a legal requirement for drivers to renew the photograph at the same time as they renew their licence. Drivers...

Scott Sellar Found Guilty of Death by Careless Driving

The ex-footballer Scott Sellars killed a motorcyclist when he fell asleep at the wheel. He was driving home from work after returning from Dubai, where he had been coaching Manchester City's youth team. He pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving at an earlier hearing and later received a six-month suspended sentence. He also was...


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