Driving Offence Penalty Fines For Expired Photo Licence

Drivers may be given hefty fines of up to £1,000 if they do not renew their photo-card licence. Photo-card licences were put in place 15 years ago and over 30 million drivers now have one. These are usually valid for 10 years and there is a legal requirement for drivers to renew the photograph at the same time as they renew their licence. Drivers...

Scott Sellar Found Guilty of Death by Careless Driving

The ex-footballer Scott Sellars killed a motorcyclist when he fell asleep at the wheel. He was driving home from work after returning from Dubai, where he had been coaching Manchester City's youth team. He pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving at an earlier hearing and later received a six-month suspended sentence. He also was...

Driver pays someone via Facebook to take speeding penalty points

Scott Woodburn has been jailed after he offered a sum of money to someone via Facebook to take penalty points for speeding on his behalf. Daniel Baggaley accepted £250 to take the penalty points, despite not having a driving licence. The police found out it was Woodburn after forensic evidence showed that he was at the wheel when the speeding...

Driver sentenced for causing death by dangerous driving

A 13-year-old girl was pronounced dead at the scene of a car crash after a police chase. A Peugeot 308 was being pursued by an unmarked police car which had its flashing lights and sirens on. The 308 then crashed into a Volkswagen Polo. The parents of the girl, who were in the polo, went to hospital but had no serious injuries. The driver of the...

Mobile phone text offence ends with prison sentence

A young female motorist who committed a mobile phone offence, causing the death of a 68 year-old-woman, has been sent to a young offenders’ institution for three and a half years. Nikita Ainley admitted texting at the wheel and causing death by dangerous driving. She also recived a 5 year driving ban and would need to take an extended driving test...

Welsh appeal to fine motorists for parking 19" from kerb

North Wales traffic wardens now have tape measures to give fines to motorists parking more than 19 inches from the kerb. Penalties of £70 will be issued to drivers on the spot. M23Law are experienced motoring offence solicitors, defending the whole range of road traffic offences including speeding, drink driving, driving without due care and...


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