CPR – Corporate Priority Retainer

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What is CPR?

CPR is a lifeline. It’s the employer - employee benefit package from M23Law, Motoring Law Specialists.

CPR is a 12-month advice retainer providing access to our dedicated specialists when your employee needs it. During this period your employee can contact our expert motoring law team for free initial confidential advice, should a road traffic incident occur.

With CPR in place, the employee can expect to receive a speedy and professional response. This should leave the employee able to continue working, reassured that they are in touch with our expert team.

Initial advice might cover:

  • Failing to provide information
  • Careless or dangerous driving
  • Mobile phone use
  • Speeding
  • Contravention of signs
  • Facing a driving ban
  • Points on Licence, totting-up disqualification

A full list can be found at www.m23law.co.uk/offences

Our free CPR initial advice is given without any ongoing commitment from your valued employee.

“An innovative employee benefit for caring & progressive employers, for  any size business.

You may have a fleet of drivers or just want to help your daily commuting employees. CPR may reduce the impact of road traffic incidents on your workforce and productivity.

How much does it cost?

As the employer, you only pay when you register each employee. The CPR annual fee is currently just £52.00 (£1 per week) plus vat per employee.

Once registered, the employee is given a unique registration number. Strict privacy and confidentiality rules apply whenever the employee contacts us. No information would be released to any other party, including the employer.

For further information with terms & conditions, contact us now.

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