How do I contact your motoring lawyers and solicitors? 

You can use the Online Response Form or alternatively call us on 01293 550 400. 

What are the legal fees?

Feel free to call the office and speak to a member of our team on a free of charge basis initially. Clients normally benefit from an initial consultation where we will discuss the case and agree an approach to adopt. We can then provide a fee estimate in relation to the investigation or court proceeding stages. However, please bear in mind we may not necessarily be your cheapest option, that may well be your local general practitioner lawyer. However, we are experts in motoring law and highly successful at what we do. 

How can you ensure confidentiality? 

When you contact our motoring lawyers or solicitors with a concern, a problem or an actual case, what you communicate with us in contemplation of the matter is in law strictly confidential. What you communicate with anyone else, however, may not be confidential and may be used against you. 

As a law company, we are approved and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority ('SRA').

What happens if I am arrested? 

A modern practice throughout England & Wales is to ask a suspect to attend for a "little chat." The police make that request and the suspect will be interviewed under caution but as a "volunteer." Whether your attendance at the police station is on a voluntary basis or under arrest, you still have the right to request our services as the solicitor of choice.

Do you have any corporate services? 

We offer a Corporate Priority Retainer also known as CPR.

What is the process? 

The investigation stage, when a client is under suspicion of committing a motoring offence, may take a week, months or even over a year before a decision is taken by the authorities. It is most important that you benefit from our Active PACE concept to give you the advice and support during this pressurised time.

If the case proceeds to court then the first hearing will always be in the magistrates court. Summary only matters (relatively minor matters) will remain in the magistrates court and will be dealt with there. More serious cases will proceed to the crown court. Whether your case is at the magistrates court or the crown court, we only use our excellent London barristers to represent clients throughout England and Wales. 

What offences do you cover? 

We represent clients on the whole range of road traffic offences. Examples of recent speeding cases include a driver who was acused of driving at 164mph in a 70mph limit and therefore faced driving disqualification for the offence in itself. Other include drivers who accrued 12 or more penalty points within a three year period and therefore face up to six months disqualification under the totting rules. 

What is your success rate?

At In Your Defence Ltd, we are highly successful at what we do. If you consider the investigation stage, we have a phenomenal success rate at getting the cases finished at that early stage. They are either discontinued or marked as no further action, commonly known as "NFA'd."

In your defence, it's what we do. 


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