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Road Traffic & Motoring Offences Specialist Solicitors

Welcome to M23Law, In Your Defence Ltd's unique site for all road traffic and motoring offences. We are motoring defence solicitors, experts in defending suspects or defendants throughout England & Wales. Our HQ is near the Gatwick (Crawley Manor Royal) area and we often consult with new or existing clients in our Central London chambers. 

We act for clients on all road traffic matters: Speeding, drink driving, drug driving, mobile phone use, careless driving and dangerous driving. For the extensive list of matters we can represent on, please click here.

Individuals often instruct this company to represent at the police / investigation stage or for the magistrates court proceedings. We also represent in the crown court.

We accept instructions on a private instruction Fixed Fee basis. Please see our trademarked Active Pace and Active Pace plus options.

One of our special features is our excellent team of London Barristers who act as our skilled court advocates.

Our team will be happy to discuss any initial queries with you on the telephone or via an email.

Our daily defending is mainly in the South East region. 

IYDL M23Law believe that the foundation of a good defence is often our excellent representation at the police station or investigation level.

Please continue to explore our website for a comprehensive guide to our extensive specialist services.


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