Bus Lane Courtesy Not Fine

Daniel Wiggins, an interior decorator, was given a fine of £512 for moving into the bus lane to allow police to drive past. Wiggins was in the lane for 8 seconds, making room for five police motorbikes.

After being caught on CCTV, a letter was posted to Mr Wiggins ordering payment of the fine, however Mr. Wiggins never picked it up since he had no permanent address at the time. The first time Mr.Wiggins heard of the issue was when bailiffs turned up at his door with a clamp on his van. They tracked him down by using number plate recognition technology. The bailiffs then requested payment up front or else they would remove the vehicle from his possession. The van was his livelihood.

Mr Wiggins, with little choice, paid the £512 to the bailiffs to keep his van. When he later attempted an appeal to the authorities, he was told he could not because his case had been closed. It seems Mr Wiggins had no choice at any point and lost £512 of personal savings because of it.

Kingston Council subsequently indicated it would refund Mr. Wiggins.

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