Driving whilst using mobile phone ignorance

Mobile Phone Use Ignorance

A survey of 1,526 British motorists by the motoring group RAC suggests that:

  • 20% of drivers are unaware that checking social media on their mobile devices while driving is illegal.
  • 61% wrongly believed it was legal to text whilst at the wheel of a stationary car while the engine is on.
  • 31% of drivers did not know tailgating was illegal.
  • 42% did not know “middle lane hogging” (when not overtaking, driving in the middle lane on a motorway) was illegal.
  • 53% believed mobile phone use whilst stationary at traffic lights or in traffic was safe.

The RAC said the findings revealed a “frightening level of ignorance about the law” relating to mobile phone use. We frequently get asked to advise and assist.

M23law is our special motoring law team for advising and representing on all Road Traffic offences, throughout England & Wales. These offences include:
Speeding, careless or dangerous driving, drink driving, no insurance and mobile phone use. If you need assistance on a motoring offence, contact us now to learn how we can help.



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