Graduate Driving Licencing Scheme

Well here’s to you Mrs. Robinson? Well, perhaps The Graduate (Dustin Hoffman) might not have been able to drive to his assignation with an older woman.

Why? Well increasingly across the planet, countries are making newly qualified young drivers go on to a Graduated Drivers Licensing Scheme by way of a probationary period following the passing of a test. Limitations are put in place with the aim of reducing accidents. Lower alcohol levels and curfews are amongst the measures.

Currently in this country newly qualified drivers are on “thin ice” for 2 years following the passing of the general driving test. If they get 6 points or more, the licence is revoked and a further test passed. We can assist in this area.

There will probably be no effective change in this Road Traffic regime until after the election as the parties might not wish to annoy the younger electorate.

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