Road Rage: Does it drive you mad?

Road rage is mostly associated with using foul language and rude hand gestures towards other motorists or pedestrians. Some incidents have caused large amounts of damage, injury and in some extreme cases, death. 


The Motoring Lawyers and Solicitors at M23Law have represented many motorists throughout the country in cases involving ‘road rage.’ 

An example is that this year a van driver client of ours was accused of knocking a motorcyclist off his bike, after an altercation. After compelling representations at the crown court, the van driver was found not guilty of dangerous driving. 

Extreme Cases 

The BBC recently commented on an incident between two lorry drivers, one in a Volvo and one in a Mercedes. It started on the M11, where the Mercedes was forced onto the hard shoulder by the Volvo. The altercation went on for roughly thirty minutes through the M25 and the A127, towards Basildon. 

Essex Police said the driver of the Volvo forced the Mercedes into the central reservation, before leaning out of the window and attacking the other HGV with a crowbar. According to a spokeswoman for Essex Police, a considerable amount of damage was caused by the two lorry drivers during the 50mph altercation. 

There was also a case recently, which was caught on CCTV, where a woman was thrown to the ground in Handsworth Wood after apparently asking another woman to move her car. 

Not a specific Offence 

“I've been involved in road rage, what offence is it?”

Road rage is not a specific offence but it can often lead to cases under the following:
Road Traffic Act 1988 (Dangerous or Careless Driving), Criminal Damage Act 1971, Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Common Assault) or the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 (ABH or above) . 

Advice from Sussex Police on their website: ‘Minor mistakes such as pulling out in front of you or pushing in to a queue are minor faults that admittedly are very annoying but are something that most of us do from time to time and retaliating will only make matters worse.’ For some drivers this is easier said then done. 

The website continues to say ‘Please be aware that the police may not be able to bring a prosecution against the offender as unfortunately the Crown Prosecution Service do not support prosecutions for road rage type incidents without supporting evidence, such as an independent witness.’


If you are accused of dangerous driving, assault or any other offence after an altercation on the road, contact our M23Law specialist legal team at In Your Defence Ltd. We have vast experience in defending suspects and defendants, all over England and Wales.