Totting - Northampton Magistrates Court

In Your Defence Ltd was asked to represent this businessman motorist by his family in Denmark. It was in relation to a potential driving ban under the 12 points “totting” points cumulative sanction that a court may impose after regarding the points on the licence in the previous 3 years.

Our M23Law team had to arrange an urgent 45 minutes consultation at our Manor Royal Gatwick Sussex HQ in the lead-up to Christmas. We discussed the facts and our expert advised on the options going forward. 

Consequently, we were instructed to represent this client in order to put forward a plea in mitigation on the basis of exceptional hardship. This was the impact on his family and his business if he was disqualified from driving. The client gave evidence on oath to the magistrates and one of our specialist motoring advocates (a barrister) talked of the impact on others of our client being banned.


Exceptional Hardship accepted and therefore points endorsed on his licence, but our client was not disqualified. And a grateful client.

Our chairman AndrewParker points out that the same hardship argument cannot be used in the succeeding 3 years.


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