In Your Defence Ltd (‘IYDL’) only operate on agreed fixed fees (‘AFF’) for each stage of the case. Please note that we do not do Legal Aid or charge clients an hourly rate. We do not therefore have a client’s account where we have your funds in advance and bill you at regular stages, drawing the relevant amounts from your client account. We will not be your cheapest option, that may well be your local Legal Aid general practitioner. In simple terms, our stage by stage AFFs mean there is no commitment to instruct us further (although most clients we see initially choose to instruct us) beyond the remit of the AFF invoice. We have successfully acted for professional and celebrity drivers as well as defending the lower profile employed or self-employed motorists. The South-East is our main geographical area for motoring matters.

Legal representative fee earners of IYDL include our Solicitor Director Paul Hedley-Saunders and our Chairman Andrew Parker. Both have advised on motoring matters for the last few decades. See their profiles.

We also utilise our experienced London Counsel (specialist criminal law barristers) as necessary on a case by case basis. This may be for conferences and court advocacy.

For compliance and transparency reasons we identify the following factors:

  • An initial consultation of up to 45 minutes is currently £250.00 plus VAT. This would include the preparation for this consultation, attendance and advice on your case by one of our experienced fee earners or counsel.

  • Our standard magistrates first appearance AFF would be from £1,250.00 plus VAT and is based on a typical guilty plea and sentencing case. This would include preparation (as deemed reasonable and necessary by this company) and advising on evidence or disclosure, dealing with your instructions and taking you through court procedures and sentencing parameters. It includes attendance and representation at a single magistrates court hearing where we will meet with you on the day and remain at court until your case is disposed of on that day. If the court is not able to hear the case then further AFFs would be required. Also, discussing the outcome with you and general advice about any appeal. Confirmation of our initial views and advice regarding any appeal would be in the concluding email we send you. If detailed advice is necessary for an appeal, an additional AFF would apply. The AFF does not include instruction of any expert witness, taking statements from prospective witnesses, advice or assistance in relation to any appeal or further hearing, advice and assistance in relation to any special reasons / exceptional hardship hearing.

  • The above terms would normally apply to a standard guilty plea and not to any adjourned hearings or summary trials or contested hearings. Please discuss additional AFFs with us as necessary

  • Please note that it benefits our clients that we only instruct our specialist London based counsel as our court advocates.


Q. Will IYDL apply for full disclosure before the first magistrates court hearing?
A. No, but we would apply for the Initial Details of the Prosecution Case (‘IDPC’) disclosure (summary plus few statements probably) so you should contact us as soon as possible. After the initial consultation we can go on the record and apply for the IDPC. We call this our informed legal advice and it should assist you in deciding as to not guilty or guilty pleas.


Q. If I am due to be at court at 10:00am, what ETA would you advise and how long will I be at court?
A. IYDL routinely advise that you attend court at least 45 minutes before your scheduled appointment. There is no guarantee that you will actually go into the court room within an hour of your appointment. Generally, the magistrates court are quite slow and have to deal with overnight cases which may be listed ahead of yours. So our practical advice is try and have a good breakfast and bring something to read in order to take your mind off the waiting period.


Q. If my case is not called into court or is adjourned to another date for any reason, will this court stage AFF cover me for your costs for any additional hearing?
A. We reiterate no, any additional hearings or work beyond the scheduled AFF stage hearing would be the subject of a further AFF instruction from you.


Q. Will IYDL be able to represent me throughout England and Wales?
A. Yes, we have for decades effectively represented individuals (and companies) wherever the case is. From Newcastle to Carlisle, Cardiff to Norwich and Exeter to Canterbury. A high percentage of our cases are in greater London.


Q. Can I pay by instalments?
A. No, the whole AFF invoice amount must be settled by one transaction before we can commence work on your behalf.

Every client and their case are unique. We therefore tailor our services accordingly. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Updated 28/12/18