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Motoring Law Specialists

Accused of a driving or motoring offence?

We provide drivers in England and Wales with a modern,
simple and effective route to specialised legal advice.

Your Journey Begins Here

Now you’ve arrived, you do not have to worry about searching through websites or looking for solicitors. We make the difference by giving you the connection and arranging a mutually convenient appointment with the expert barrister.

Our connections are based on our Chair’s many years of acting for motorists in trouble with the law. You need to gain from this knowledge and selection process by contacting our response team sooner rather than later. Especially due to peak volume of cases.

Do not hesitate, contact us for a brief chat without any ongoing commitment.

What Can We Help You With?

“I would like to thank Andrew and his colleagues.

I was looking at a lengthy driving ban, but somehow I walked away from court with my licence.

I couldn’t have asked for better or more professional people for the guidance I needed.

Many thanks again.”

M23Law provides specialist support for those accused of any motoring offence.

We are not solicitors. Instead, we provide a streamlined connection and management service to a direct access road traffic barrister. So, how does that benefit you?

Fixed Fees – Clear quotes before action

Modern – Streamlined for a simple process

Admin – You benefit from our admin support throughout

Focused – We do not deal with any other area of law

How We Work

After an initial chat with our response team, we can connect you to a Direct Access Barrister (DAB) specialising in the area of motoring law relevant to your case.

Direct access allows you to work one to one with an expert barrister, removing the need to go through solicitors.

You will only be charged on an agreed fixed fee (AFF) basis.

Our Connection Fee is the streamlined portal cost to the direct access barrister. 

Once you have benefited from the chat with the barrister, you will be quoted for the next stage of work to progress your case.

Our role is to give you the start you need and admin assistance on what might be a difficult journey through the justice system.

Our bespoke selection of a specialist barrister may be crucial to the success of your case. Whatever the offence, we will have the right lawyer for you.

Who Do We Help?

Our Chair, Andrew Parker, originated the M23Law name a few decades ago for motoring law advice and assistance. Based on the fact that his office was adjacent to the M23 and A23 corridor.

Since then, Andrew developed a reputation for providing expert legal support to motorists of all ages and backgrounds. Premier footballers to recently qualified drivers; business executives to lorry drivers; celebrity clients to perhaps not so famous drivers. He has used this provenance to good effect in developing the M23Law team approach.

M23Law utilise our specialist portal in order to help motorists of all kinds. Whatever the age, social standing or occupation, we firmly believe that life is about connections. So allow us to connect you.

Chair & CEO

“Most of my working life in the legal profession has been with a specialism in criminal law and ultimately in the last decade as chairman of a nationwide law company. I have decided to come away from personally giving legal advice and instead develop the streamlined service provided by my team at M23 Law.

I see a need to bypass the usual solicitors’ route and allow drivers to benefit from gaining direct access to our expert barristers. I have dealt with cases from local magistrates courts in England & Wales to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. This has given me unique links to specialist barristers.

History and success are important elements in adapting to our modern approach at M23 Law. Interests include four-legged friends, health club, travel and reading.”


Joshua has spent the last few years working with our Chair, Andrew Parker, in his firm of solicitors. Initially as an intern and more recently as his personal assistant. Thanks to this in depth experience, combined with higher education, Joshua has developed the skills, and expertise required to manage and grow the modern M23 Law brand.

It is often said that Josh is a fitness fanatic. He keeps in shape as a regular gym member and daily yoga practitioner for his lifelong passion of playing basketball at an elite level.