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About Us

The M23Law brand was conceived two decades ago to give assistance to motorists navigating the South-East region. We have now decided to move away from the more established solicitors network to only provide an efficient, bespoke nationwide service. At present, we do not assist in Scotland or Northern Ireland but we do have plans to continue expansion in the near future.


Your Journey Begins Here

Welcome to M23 Law, for motorists in difficulty with road traffic laws. Whether you are a returning customer or finding us for the first time, you have reached the right company to help you with your case.

For many decades we were solicitors in criminal law, with a specialism in motoring law cases. However, with effect from November 2022, we decided to streamline and refresh our assistance for drivers facing prosecution by the authorities.

Now, we offer you direct access to our network of Direct Access Barristers (DAB). Our selection of the barrister to suit your case is based on many years of experience in offering advice to motorists in trouble.

We deal with the whole range of motoring law offences, from speeding, drink/drug driving to careless/dangerous driving. Our busiest area of work is where we try to limit the damage of what may have occurred (“Damage Limitation Exercise” – DLE) and assist you to continue driving as soon as possible.

Get In Touch

How it works

You fill in a contact form, then we get in touch to organise an initial consultation. Then, we’ll learn more about your case, advise how best to proceed, and connect you the right barrister for your case.

With a nationwide network and use of modern communication tools (e.g. Zoom), we can help you wherever you are in England and Wales.

We’re Your Bridge Over Troubled Water

We have a history of helping motorists of all ages and backgrounds, including:

  • Business executives/road reps
  • Recently qualified drivers
  • Sports professionals
  • Elderly drivers
  • Drink/drug drivers
  • Totters (12 points or more in 3 years)
  • Lorry/Truck drivers – LGV/HGV/PSV drivers
  • Motorcyclists
  • Company drivers
  • Cyclists and electric scooter riders (new and growing field of enquiries)