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Driving Whilst Disqualified

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  • The maximum fine is £5,000
  • Alternatively, a community order or up to 6 months’ imprisonment can be imposed
  • 6 penalty points or disqualification from driving

How we can help you…

Even if you have already been charged with driving while disqualified, we recommend calling us to receive our advice. We may be able to help reduce your fine, period of disqualification or even avoid a custodial sentence.

Our specialist motoring offence team will examine your case and quickly formulate a strategy that will help you to receive the best possible outcome.

Having dealt with so many traffic offences, our experienced lawyers will know exactly where to look for weaknesses in the prosecution case. We may even be able to find significant evidential defects to help get the case dismissed.

We will also look at your circumstances and use these to help us reduce a driving ban, fine, or sentence.

What is Driving Whilst Disqualified?

A person is guilty of an offence if, while disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence, they obtain a licence, or drive a motor vehicle on a public road.

Defence cases include:

  • Vehicle not driven on a public road
  • The police have incorrect information concerning the disqualification period

Notable Case

  • In Your Defence lawyers have dealt with many driving whilst disqualified cases (“DWDs”), including where clients have been disqualified in court and have then, against advice, been seen driving away from court. On one occasion, we were called back into court on the same day as the police had actually caught the defendant driving after his sentence. The magistrates were not amused by the flagrant disregard to their sentence. It is to be noted that there are occasions such as this that an immediate sentence of imprisonment is given

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What do our clients think?

“I would like to thank Andrew and his colleagues who got me out of a big hole.

I was looking at a lengthy driving ban, but somehow I ended up walking away from court with my licence, and the help of one of Andrew’s barristers.

If ever you find yourself in need of a solicitor to represent you in court, look no further. I couldn’t have asked for better professional people for the guidance I needed.

Many thanks again to M23 Law.”

M23Law provides specialist support for those accused of any motoring offence.

We are not solicitors. Instead, we provide a streamlined connection and management service to a direct access road traffic barrister. So, how does that benefit you?

Fixed Fees – Clear quotes before action

Modern – Streamlined for a simple process

Admin – You benefit from our admin support throughout

Focused – We do not deal with any other area of law

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To get started, contact us via phone, email or by submitting a contact form.

We’ll then organise an initial consultation to discuss your case in more detail, before advising on the best route forward.