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How It Works

We give you unique access to specialist motoring law advice and representation, from an experienced barrister. Our modern route means you no longer need to go through a firm of solicitors.


Our professional service benefits motorists facing allegations made by the police and CPS. We do not deal with any other area of law, and we focus on assisting drivers throughout England & Wales.

We assess your needs to connect you with the perfect barrister for your individual case. Our chairman and team have the connections and links you need, no matter the allegation or location – anywhere in England and Wales.

Your barrister will then provide you with options going forward, such as professional advice and representation in the magistrates or crown court.

We charge you an introduction fee for the connection with the barrister. Our role is to give you peace of mind for the quality of service, and make sure you’re connected to the right barrister for your case – saving you time, effort and worry trying to find a lawyer.

Our friendly team prefer to speak with you directly after you have made your enquiry, and therefore, we deliberately do not have any holding music or queue system, we’ll simply call you back after we’ve received your enquiry.

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A graphic explaining how our direct access barrister service works