Motoring Solicitors blog – ‘999 call before death’

999 call before death of pedestrians in Norfolk Two Lithuanian pedestrians are believed to have asked a nearby farm worker to call 999 shortly before their deaths in traffic on the A47 in Norfolk. It is believed that the woman may have been forcibly pushed into the road and the police are treating the two deaths as suspicious. We are nationwide...

Driving whilst using mobile phone ignorance

Mobile Phone Use Ignorance A survey of 1,526 British motorists by the motoring group RAC suggests that: 20% of drivers are unaware that checking social media on their mobile devices while driving is illegal. 61% wrongly believed it was legal to text whilst at the wheel of a stationary car while the engine is on. 31% of drivers did not know...

Bus Lane Courtesy Not Fine

Daniel Wiggins, an interior decorator, was given a fine of £512 for moving into the bus lane to allow police to drive past. Wiggins was in the lane for 8 seconds, making room for five police motorbikes. After being caught on CCTV, a letter was posted to Mr Wiggins ordering payment of the fine, however Mr. Wiggins never picked it up since he had no...

British drivers are said to take 730 risks a year behind the wheel

Are you one of the average British drivers that are said to take 730 risks a year behind the wheel? The Top Ten most common unnecessary risks: 1. Speeding 2. Driving & eating. 3. Rude gestures. 4. Using moby. 5. Sat nav fiddling. 6. Amber gamblers. 7. Not belting-up. 8. Attention to following and not forward traffic. 9. Weaving in and out of...

Tragic Car Accident

On Saturday night, a black Toyota hit a young 15-month old girl in Belle Isle, Leeds. She was taken to the nearby infirmary, where she was pronounced dead a short while after. The father has since been spoken to by police. A full investigation will now commence, however it appears to police to be a tragic accident. M23law is our special motoring...

Top Cop Out

On the 28th of April 2014, Detective Chief Superintendent David Knopwood had been to a nearby pub to relax before driving home. He was pulled over and given a roadside breath test. The result showed him to be nearly twice the legal alcohol limit for driving. This was apparently after drinking two pints. His reading was 60 micrograms for every 100...


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