Smile, you’re on Car Cam!

Many motorists are now installing in-car cameras in order to have evidence of bad driving or poor cycling. Cyclist helmet cams have been around for years and cyclists have uploaded footage onto the internet. One case was where a driver assaulted a cyclist after a spat about the driver entering the cyclist box carriageway marking. Police have used...

Speed Crackdown in Belgium

Apparently, more than 50,000 people sent in their suggestions of locations for the speed crackdown in Belgium. "Whoever still allows themselves to be flashed is a fool," the newspaper De Standaard quotes a police officer as saying. Apparently, 300 people die in Belgium every year because of speeding. Road accidents in the EU kill nearly 30,000...

Copulation Regulation

Surrey Police tweeted “when driving, please don’t attempt any ‘sexual interaction.’ It might be fun but you’ll both be red-faced when we stop you for poor driving.” This was put up on Twitter after a driver was caught having sex at the wheel. M23law is our special motoring law team for advising and representing on all Road Traffic offences ,...

It Gives You Wings?

A motorist drove off a seaside cliff and survived due to hitting a stretch of rock protection netting which adjusted his car on the downward drop. The motorist (33) joked to the team rescuing him that the Red Bull he downed prior to the accident made him fly. The driver managed to scramble out of the car and swim to shore. It took an hour and a...

Under 17 and Banned from Driving

Under 17 and Banned from Driving
Apparently more than 7,000 children, as young as 11-years-old, have been banned from driving in the past 5 years. Judges can start the ban from the offender’s 17th Birthday but usually start the ban when convicted. Offenders driving bans often finish before they are 17-years-old. Campaigners are demanding tougher sentences to ensure they are kept...

Careless Driving Offence

Careless Driving
In Your Defence Ltd Solicitors’ Motoring Law Team, M23Law have successfully dealt with many driving without due care and attention cases. These are known as careless driving offences. Remember that the standard or threshold for being guilty of careless or inconsiderate driving is deliberately set very low. Momentary lack of attention might suffice...


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